Thursday, February 20, 2003

It seems once again that politicians are behind the MCB/NPF affair, as any Mauritian could guess.

My views:

“La politique est un mal avec lequel il faut vivre.”
Politicians are like dinosaurs. We appreciate them when they are not in this world, but we avoid them when they are alive.

If you have friends in politics, you better watch your back!
We should all be shocked by the news of the MCB/NPF current affairs. But more profoundly we are shocked to see Mr. Robert Lesage involved in this affair. He always showed a wise man (“Le Sage”) appearance. No accusation, but once again life is so tough sometimes. Life is made up of ups and downs.

Wherever you are on the ladder, you always have to try the foot of the ladder at some point in time!

So, you lucky people who are enjoying life and who should have nothing to complain about, think about the unfortunate ones. In one way or another, we are all hit sometime …

No critics on others please. One seldom measures the consequence of his/her acts, until other people remind him/her about it. It is hard enough to carry the burden of our acts than to carry people's critics.

All the best Mr. Lesage.
I would like to share my views of Mauritius on this page. I am away from the island for I don’t know how long, but I still keep an eye on its happenings through the media, i.e. e-newspapers or KOOL FM. FYI, I am proud to be a Mauritian by birth!